Now Hiring: Aurelia Education

School Website
OFSTED Reports
Rating: Good
Notes: One of Alperton’s teachers has recently been awarded with the “Teacher of the Globe” award out of 170 countries. With a large group of Canadian (and American) teachers on staff, Alperton is a great school for support. Located in the North West area, this allows you to have the London experience while living in a region with lower costs than inner London.

Vacancies: Maths, Science, Music, English



School Website

OFSTED Reports

Rating: Outstanding

Notes: Rated the number 1 school in London and number 4 in all of the UK. Excellent behaviour due to its highly academic setting. Currently 11 Canadians on staff!

Vacancies: Maths, Science, Geography, primary


School Website
OFSTED Reports
Rating: Good with Outstanding leadership
Notes: Considered zone 6 of London, but lower cost of living. One Canadian and one American working a this school in the maths and English departments and a large group of expats living in the area.

Vacancies: Science and English

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