Now Hiring: Blyth Academy London

Blyth Academy London is a co-ed private high school located in the heart of downtown London. We offer an academic program that prepares students for post-secondary studies at a variety of world-class institutions across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

We are looking for a French-speaking teacher candidate to teach either or both of a grade 9 and grade 10 Academic level French class. With small class sizes of no more than 12 students and a block teaching style that covers credit hours in 10 weeks, candidates should be prepared to create engaging, creative, hands-on activities and lessons that move through the curriculum at twice the pace of a regular high school class.

Term 4 at our campus begins Wednesday April 25th and ends on June 29th but we are prepared to accommodate a different start date for teacher candidates who are finishing their studies for the year.

Successful candidates may be teaching during any one of the three periods in the day (8:40 – 10:55, 11am – 1:15 or 1:45 – 4pm).

This is an exciting and unique opportunity for teacher candidates to experience hands-on teaching, evaluation, and report card writing for the duration of a full high school credit in a safe, engaging, collegial and fun atmosphere.
Resumes can be sent to the Principal, Jennifer Flynn-Clark at

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