FAQ – Specialty Cohort AFE

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Katie Mentone, Program Coordinator

I’m not really sure how to find an AFE that is related to my specialty cohort. Where should I start? 

Katie: Here are some ideas to think about:

  • Advanced Studies in the Psychology of Achievement, Inclusion and Mental Health
    • supporting mental health and inclusion in the community (e.g., Special Education Resource Teachers, students with Individualized Education Plans, social services)
  • Early Childhood Education
    • with children aged 8 and under, or their parents (e.g., daycare, community centre, Montessori school, Kindergarten classroom)
  • French Education
    • in the field of French education, or second language acquisition (e.g., French first language school, school board French consultant, library)
  • International Education
    • with culturally diverse groups or international curricula (e.g., ELL classes, IB schools, services for newcomers to Canada)
  • STEM Education
    • in a setting that incorporates all components of STEM (e.g., schools with STEM programs, Let’s Talk Science post-secondary initiatives, science centres)
  • Urban Education
    • with diverse groups of students, including various socio-economic, cultural, religious backgrounds, etc. (e.g., schools in high density areas, social services)

This AFE Flowchart may also help direct your search for an AFE that suits your career and education goals best!


What are the expectations for my proposal? 

Katie: Within the AFE Proposal Form you’ll be asked to clearly outline your learning objectives for the AFE as they relate to your professional goals and, in the case of AFE 1, as they relate to your Specialty. Most teacher candidates require about 75-100 words per learning objective to clearly explain their goals.

Here’s a helpful tip: to clearly articulate the connection between your AFE 1 and your Specialty, review the Specialty course outlines and your class notes for specific teaching approaches or philosophies that are applicable to the AFE.


Stay tuned for more helpful tips on upcoming AFEs! 

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