Volunteer with Let’s Talk Science!

Do you have passion for teaching? Are you interested in educating youth on a variety of scientific topics? If you answered “Yes!” to either of these questions, you are a perfect volunteer for Let’s Talk Science!


What is Let’s Talk Science?

Let’s Talk Science is a national not-for-profit organization that strives to engage children and youth in the “STEM” subjects (life and physical Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math) in fun and exciting ways. On a daily basis, our volunteers bring fun, hands-on activities to classrooms and community events in London. Our volunteers also act as Science Fair judges, panel experts, and participate in big events like the Let’s Talk Science Challenge.


Let’s Talk Science at Western

At Western, we currently have approximately 220 volunteers that reach over 14,000 youth per year. We ask that each volunteer commit to a minimum of 3 activities throughout the year. This totals approximately 10-15 hours of your time over a 12 month period. Volunteering for Let’s Talk Science is a great opportunity to be a role model for youth in our community, develop your leadership, teaching, and communication skills, all while sharing your passion for science! Our volunteers are involved in two major programs at Let’s Talk Science at Western:

  1. Teacher Partnership Program: We partner volunteers with teachers in the community (Kindergarten to Grade 8). Volunteers visit the same classroom multiple times a year and watch the students’ love for science grow throughout this time.
  2. Community Events: We have various community events in and around London that require volunteers throughout the year. These include events at malls, community centres, libraries, festivals, and science fairs.


How can you get involved?

Please contact us by email at letstalkscienceuwo@gmail.com and indicate your interest in volunteering with Let’s Talk Science. Training sessions have been scheduled.

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