FAQ – Practicum 2

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Carolyn Wilson, Practicum Manager

Do some Teacher Candidates already know their practicum placements? I didn’t receive confirmation yet and I’m not sure if I missed something!

Wilson:  Practicum 2 placements have not been officially confirmed by the BEd Office. We expect to have confirmations before March Break. 

Boards have a procedure to be followed and must work through the Faculty, just as the Faculty has procedures to be followed and must work through the individual Boards. An Associate Teacher who may have requested a teacher candidate may have connected with that teacher candidate already, however confirmation has not been officially finalized at this time. Teacher Candidates absolutely must not try to make their own practicum placements. If you do, the school principal or the Board office will call my office and ask what is going on!

You can appreciate that managing four practicum placements for over 600 Teacher Candidates every year is a big job. And we can’t give you just any placement—you need placements that are acceptable to the OCT and fulfill the requirements of your program. We have to track all your placements carefully and keep accurate records for you. Further, we try to take your transportation needs into consideration. There are a lot of factors to try to balance!

We work with more than 30 school boards and hundreds of schools every year—and each board has its preferred way of managing Teacher Candidate assignments. Some Boards permit us to contact principals and potential Associate Teachers directly while others prefer to make practicum placements from their central offices. In either case, the Faculty does not have full control over the process. We are fortunate to have excellent relations with our local school boards, and work hard to maintain them.

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