FAQ – AQ Courses: Spring Session

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This week’s Expert Contributor

Anna Zuber, Teacher Education Manager

I am in Year 2. Can I sign up for an AQ course in May?

You may indeed sign up for AQs beginning in May, but please be aware that because the main pre-requisite for AQ courses is OCT certification, your OCT certification must be in place no later than July 1 in order for the OCT to be able to add an AQ course completed during Intersession to your certificate.


The final piece to your OCT certification should be your B.Ed. transcript, which can be sent right after your June 15 convocation date. If you have submitted all other documents required by the OCT before this, it is certainly reasonable to assume that your OCT certification will be complete by the end of June. However, please note that the OCT’s processing time is not within your or our control and you may therefore decide to delay enrolling in AQ courses until the summer session.


Information on Western’s AQ courses is available online at aspire.uwo.ca. As well, you are welcome to speak in person to ASPIRE staff in room 1090 (beside the Teacher Education office) or email them at aspire@uwo.ca.

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