FAQ – Career Expo Jan 23

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This week’s Expert Contributors

Anna Zuber, Teacher Education Manager


How do I get my OCT certification?

(Zuber) There is a helpful guide to OCT certification on TheTeacherCandidate blog, in addition to the OCT registration/certification process which is outlined in detail within the Registration Guide for Ontario B.Ed. Graduates.


I wasn’t able to sign up or apply for an interview yesterday. Can I do my interview next week instead?

(Zuber) Due to a limited number of spaces available for Career Expo recruiters, it is not likely that a school board or organization will return next week. For future hiring opportunities with Ontario school boards, you can sign up to receive notifications through ApplyToEducation. During T2P on January 30, you will also have the option of attending a workshop on using this recruitment tool as an applicant.


If I’m hired during the Career Fair, can I do my AFE 2 or Practicum 4 placement at my new job location?

(Zuber) Your AFE is a B.Ed. program requirement that must be completed before you begin a new job. Employers will understand that you are not able to begin work until your program has been completed at the end of April. Remember as well that even once the program is completed, your OCT certification process will not be completed until late June at the earliest.


I’m in Year 1, so I’m not applying for a job yet. Why should I attend the Career Expo?

(Zuber) Even though you are not on the job hunt for teaching positions just yet, you should attend the Career Expo to see who is hiring, learn about trends, and ask questions about interview/hiring processes from the recruiters’ perspectives. You can also network for options where you could do an AFE placement!

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