English Teacher – Satit Kaset MP Lab School, Chon Buri, Thailand

Qualification for apply as an English teacher; you…

  1. Have a Bachelor degree as a minimum requirement,
  2. Are trained in TEFL (and has a TEFL certificate for people who have not graduated in the field of Education)
  3. Are native English speaker who hold the passport of UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa
  4. Have a clear record on your police criminal background check.
  5. Have a good attitude towards teaching and professional development.
  6. Have experience teaching English language would be an advantage although not necessary.

Job Description; as an English teacher, you …

  1. will teach around 18 – 20 periods per a week (Mon-Fri).
  2. are responsible to plan and prepare the learning and teaching contents in the classroom such as daily lesson plans, weekly plans, materials, etc…
  3. will create paper tests,
  4. do individual student assessments.
  5. work with other teachers in a professional manner.


  1. Bachelor degree in the other fields is 35,000 BHT of base salary with 5,000 BHT of the allowance. (Total 40,000 BHT)
  2. Bachelor of Education is 36,050 BHT of base salary with 5,000 BHT of the allowance. (Total 41,050 BHT)
  3. Master degree in the other fields is 38,500 BHT of base salary with 5,000 BHT of the allowance. (Total 43,500 BHT)
  4. Master of Education is 39,550 BHT of base salary with 5,000 BHT of the allowance. (Total 44,550 BHT)
  5. Teaching experience at school will be counted in 1,000 BHT per an academic year but not more than three years.

The school provides ……

  1. A work permit
  2. Visa extensions
  3. Health cover (private and government)
  4. Lunch
  5. Help in finding local accommodation
  6. A daily commute van from Bangkok for those teachers wanting to reside in Bangkok.

  The teachers who are successful will…

  1. obtain a NON B visa for the purpose a work permit. (All paperwork provided by the school)
  2. obtain degree verifications from their embassy in Thailand and a verification from     the Thai embassy in Bangkok.
  3. show proof of residence if already living in Thailand
  4. show all tax documents if they held a previous position in Thailand.

Applicants can submit their cover letter and resume to Mr Patiparn

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