FAQ – Career Expo Jan 16

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How should I prepare for the Career Expo? (Visit the Blog “Career Expo Page” here.)

Zuber: Visit our “Career Expo Page” on TheTeacherCandidate blog to see a list of attending school boards and educational organizations. We have provided some guidelines about appropriate attire (for making a good impression right from the start) and tips to help prepare for quick conversations and potential interviews. Be sure to take time before the Career Expo to learn about who is attending so you can prioritize those with whom you wish to speak.


Will I be hired before I finish my BEd degree and attend convocation?

Zuber: School boards recruiting at the Career Expo know that you will complete your BEd degree in June and receive your OCT certification during the summer. They could offer you a contract at any time—a contract to begin teaching in September. Each board will outline for you their particular hiring practices which must, of course, meet the legal requirements for hiring in Ontario.


The school board I want to work in is not on the list of attendees. Should I still go to the Career Expo?

Zuber: Yes! The Career Expo is a fantastic way to learn about hiring practices and job market trends in education. Even if your preferred board is not attending, you may hear from other boards or organizations about interview procedures or position requirements that might be similar in your preferred board.


Will the Career Expo be postponed if there is bad weather?

Zuber: We have never yet had to postpone our Career Expo—and we would do so only if the University were closed or if all the attendees cancelled. If we had to postpone or cancel the first week of the Expo, we would try to make space for the first week recruiters to come during the second week.


This week’s Expert Contributor

Anna Zuber, Teacher Education Manager

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