Jan 9 5008 T2P Schedule (Yr1)

A reminder: all T2P sessions are mandatory unless noted otherwise.

Alternative Field Experience Forum | Tuesday, January 09, 2018

What is the AFE? Workshop 1 – 12:45 to 2:00 pm (Auditorium)

Rebecca Horeth, Program Coordinator, Faculty of Education

In this session, learn about what the Alternative Field Experience is and how to prepare for your two placements next year. The first AFE must relate to your Specialty. Beyond that, let your interests guide you. This is a chance for you to try something different, to gain experiences that will bring unique perspectives into your future classrooms! Consider non-traditional classrooms, community organizations, non-profits, health care facilities, museums, government organizations.


Community Conversation – Opportunities in Education outside the Classroom Workshop 2 – 2:15 to 3:15 pm (Auditorium)

Hear from local community members who work in the field of education outside the traditional public system classroom and from current teacher candidates who have just finished their first AFE placement. Discuss the importance of alternative experiences to future careers in teaching or in other educational settings. (Gregg Bereznick, Head of School – London International Academy; Year 2 Representatives)

  • Gregg Bereznick is currently London International Academy’s Head of School. He has served public education for over 30 years as a superintendent, principal, vice-principal, arts consultant, and music teacher, as well as an instructor for year 1 in Music Education at the Faculty of Education for 3 years. He is Past President of Both the Canadian Music Educators’ Association and the Ontario Music Educators’ Association, past Editor of “The Recorder” and contributor to Ministry of Education publications as well as to various professional journals.
  • Pardis Baha is a recent graduate of the BEd program at Western, who continues to be involved in a variety of opportunities related to education.  Previously in the position of Training Coordinator, Pardis is currently the Executive Director of Western University’s Student Emergency Response Team. Additionally, she shares her passion for Music Education in her role as founding director of the Lambton Youth Jazz Orchestra.
  • Lindsay O’Neill & Noella Ramos, Year 2 Teacher Candidates just completed their first AFE placements and are excited to share their experience with year 1! Lindsay is a J/I Teacher Candidate specializing in French and completed the AFE at St. Clement’s Independent School for Girls. Noella is an I/S Teacher Candidate in the Urban Education cohort and joined the Guidance Office at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School. 

Submit your questions for our guests here!


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