AIESEC: Global Volunteer

Are you interested in completing your AFE 2 abroad? AIESEC Western is a non-profit student-led organization that offers a platform for you to develop your leadership and teaching skills through international placements.

Global Volunteer is typically a 6-8 week placement that may be shortened to suit the 4-week timeline of AFE 2. To be eligible as an AFE placement and to guide your objective setting through the proposal steps, be sure to explore options in educational or related settings. This is an independently-arranged AFE. 

Connect with Rebecca Horeth, Program Coordinator at if you are interested, as not all placement opportunities will have the same flexibility to suit the AFE timeline. Proposals for Global Volunteer AFE placements through AIESEC are due January 30, 2018.

Search Global Volunteer postings here!

Those who are interested in completing the full 6-8 weeks with AIESEC should contact Rebecca to arrange as neither the Faculty nor the University can provide support or take any responsibility for you beyond April 27. In order to adjudicate that you have completed the placement satisfactorily, we will need an AFE Final Report at the end of the 4 weeks. After that point, you have completed the program and technically are no longer a registered student.

Photo by dddaag / CC BY 2.0


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