Year 1: Complete Your AFE Abroad

Attention Year 1 Teacher Candidates! You can apply to complete one of your Alternative Field Experiences in Beijing, China during Summer 2018. Applications must be received by Dec. 22, 2017. (Due to the July start date, Year 2 Teacher Candidates would not complete this AFE placement in time for graduation.)

What is the AFE? A field placement or research or leadership project, in support of specialty courses, or, with approval, another aspect of teacher development. Four weeks, .25 credit. Typically the AFE takes place during year two, however you can get a head start as the Beijing AFE takes place during July 2018 and replaces the 2nd AFE placement (4 weeks). There will be an information session about the AFE during T2P on January 9, 2018!

AFE Beijing

How does the AFE in Beijing work? Western has prearranged the placement terms with our partner school in China. In addition to spending up to 25 hours per week working with students, the school will also provide weekend cultural outings to sites such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City.

Note: This Summer AFE in Beijing is prearranged through Western and is therefore the only AFE opportunity eligible outside the regular academic calendar. All other AFE placements must take place during November/December 2018 and April 2019. 

What is needed for the application? Submit by Dec. 22, 2017 

  • Complete the online AFE Proposal Form and submit it before the proposal deadline. After submitting you’ll receive a copy of your submission by email.
  • Submit your resume to Rebecca Horeth, Program Coordinator,
  • Review Western’s Safety Abroad guidelines

What costs are involved? 

  • Successful applicants will receive a per Diem to cover food expenses and ground transportation in China.
  • A partial reimbursement for flight expenses is provided through Western
  • Accommodations are covered
  • Western applies for Teacher Candidate visa
  • Teacher Candidate covers
    • spending money
    • partial flight expenses (all Teacher Candidates must arrive on the same day)

    Funding Sources:




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