Nov 7 5008 T2P Schedule (Yr2)

All T2P sessions are mandatory unless noted otherwise

Did you attend yesterday’s Teacher Candidate Conference? Tell us what you thought! And let us know what types of workshops you’d like to see next term.

Did you attend the Resumes and Interviews workshop with Bill Tucker? Unfortunately the attendance sheet was lost – if you’d like to be issued a Workshop Certificate for this event, please email 


12:30 to 2:00 pm | various rooms

Pay Scale Assessment Overview: attend these sessions to learn about the assessment process and your personal pay scale

  • QECO (for future elementary or Catholic teachers) – room 1162

QECO will be presenting on the certification and assessment process. Teacher candidates can begin the QECO application process after OCT certification.

  • OSSTF (for future secondary teachers) – room 2038

OSSTF has cancelled but will be rescheduled for the earliest date they have available. In the meantime, please still drop by room 2038 between 12:30-2 to pick up application packages (very important!). Teacher candidates can begin the OSSTF application process now, if you pick up the package in person.


2:30 to 3:30 pm | Auditorium

OCT Registration and Professional Learning Framework: The Ontario College of Teachers will provide essential information on their registration process as well as share opportunities to support ongoing future learning.



7 November, 2017

Teach for Canada Exhibitor – 10 to 3 | Cafeteria (optional)

Go North! For more information on Teacher for Canada, view their flyer and video


8 November, 2017

Time Plan Education Exhibitor – 10 to 3 | Cafeteria (optional)

Teach in the UK! For more information on Time Plan Education, visit their booth in the cafeteria

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