Teach in England – Engage Exhibit Today


Where great teachers meet great schools

 Engage will be visiting the Faculty of Education on Wednesday, October 18th 10-2:30 – Stop by to find out more about international teaching opportunities in England!

 Engage Education matches the best teaching talent from Canada with the best Primary and Secondary school opportunities throughout the United Kingdom. We believe in providing informed choice so that both schools and teachers can unlock their full potential and students can be encouraged to achieve their goals. We offer a wealth of opportunities to Canadian teachers, including full-time and permanent contracts, as well as guaranteed substitute contracts:

IDAY our award-winning iday events offer teachers from around the globe, a unique opportunity to travel to England in order to participate in interviews for a variety of job openings starting in September or January. This event is reserved for those teachers looking to secure a full-time teaching position in their subject area(s). With all major costs covered by Engage, iday enables teachers to focus on the interview process, visit schools and teach a lesson, in order to secure a full-time position for the upcoming school term/year.

Please visit http://www.iday.co.uk to find out more.

SGP (Secure Guaranteed Pay) contracts allow teachers to work a guaranteed 5 out of 5 days a week as a substitute teacher. SGP contracts are a great opportunity to gain knowledge on the UK Curriculum, and garner a wide range of experience in different schools throughout England. SGP contracts have flexible start dates and occur year-round.

PROFILE offers teachers the option of securing a full time position in their subject area(s), through telephone or Skype interviews – right from the comfort of their own home. An Engage Consultant will create a profile summarizing their skills and emphasizing their strengths as a teacher, which will then be matched against our multiple vacancies.  UK consultants will review the specifics of each match based on position, school and location with the teacher before putting forth for interviews.

For more information, please visit www.engageeducation.co.uk or connect with us through Social Media by adding Engage Canada to you FacebookInstagram


Should you wish to start an application or have any questions, please contact Senior TAC, Kelley Potter at Engage Education Canada: Kelley.Potter@engageeducation.co.uk / 1.855.636.4243

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