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Why is there no food service in this building? 

Please, please, please get us food. It is very inconvenient having to leave the building (especially when you have 6 hours of class straight or it’s the middle of winter) to get food from elsewhere. Ontario Hall is way too expensive for my liking so the residences are not a suitable alternative.

McNay:  Boy, do I understand! The Deans and all the staff who work here all day would love to have a food service in the building, too! The decision, however, is with Western’s central administration, not this Faculty, and central campus tells us “no way”—because there are just not enough people here for enough time to support a food service.

Like you, some of us cannot or do not like to leave the building during the day. For me, there is only one alternative:  I make coffee and a lunch every day to bring with me. It takes time when I would rather be doing something else, but it’s my only alternative. I wish it were otherwise.

What should I do If I have a problem keeping up?

Zuber:  Do not just let it go! There is no harm in talking to someone about it or asking for advice or help. Do so before the problem gets large and even more difficult to manage. First, you might talk to your instructor and see if together you can make a plan to cope. If you cannot, or if you prefer to talk to someone else, or if your problem involves several courses, come in to the Teacher Education Office and talk to me. I will find a way to help and I can communicate with all your instructors if you need me to do so.

This week’s Expert Contributors:

  • Dr. Margaret McNay, Associate Dean
  • Anna Zuber, Program Manager

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