FAQ – Specialty Choices

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Why must I be limited to only one specialty? I would have liked to learn about more than one of them.

McNay:  When we developed the 2-year program, we made a choice for elective specialty areas rather than for individual elective courses. The specialties are areas of growth in public education and we think offer enhanced employment opportunities for graduates. Specialty area courses are designed to build on each other and create depth as you acquire expertise. That is why you cannot change your specialty area after the first course—the first course is prerequisite for the other courses in the area. We believe having a substantial, connected multi-course specialty area will enhance your employability more than would a smattering of individual elective courses. We see the specialty areas as added value to your degree.

Why didn’t I get my choice of specialty area? Can I change my choice?

Zuber:  Everyone receives his or her first choice of specialty area, as long as that choice is appropriate for the Teacher Candidate’s program. (ECE is not a choice for I/S Teacher Candidates, for example; STEM is not available to P/J or J/I Teacher Candidates; and only Teacher Candidates admitted to a French program may choose a French specialty.) You may change specialty areas during the add-drop period at the beginning of September of Year 1. After that, you cannot change because the second course in a specialty requires the first as a prerequisite.

This week’s Expert Contributors

  • Dr. Margaret McNay, Associate Dean
  • Anna Zuber, Teacher Education Manager


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