In-School Research Opportunity

The Human Environments Analysis Laboratory at Western University is researching the impact of a Farm-to-School program on children’s health. Developed by the Ontario Student Nutrition Program (OSNP), this initiative delivers locally-sourced fruit, vegetable, and supplementary food group snacks to elementary schools. With increased access to healthy food, the Program aims to support children’s nutrition and prevent diet-related diseases.

 An evaluation of the OSNP’s Farm-to-School initiative will be conducted at 38 schools beginning mid-September. Our lab is looking to employ work study students and/or volunteers to help with data collection in these schools. We will be administering surveys and need your help to assist the kids in filling out the surveys. 

 To get involved with this research project, a Vulnerable Sector Police Check is required. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on research experience in schools. Plus, you will be helping to improve children’s health and nutrition through this innovative research opportunity! 

 If you are interested in hearing more and potentially volunteering, please contact Paige Colley


CC image credit: USDAgov

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