Faculty Donation Opt Out

The Faculty Donation Opt Out form is available HERE. Be sure  to visit http://www.edu.uwo.ca/CSW/my_program/BEd/student_fund.html to ensure that you understand what this donation is being used for before deciding if you wish to opt out!

Note that the deadline for submission to the Teacher Education Office (room 1166) is Friday, September 30. If you are in Year 2 and not at the Faculty, you may submit your completed form via email to eduwo@uwo.ca — the form must be signed.

Those who have opted out will receive a credit to their tuition account for the donation. If your tuition account is paid in full you will receive a refund.  You will be notified early November when and where the refund will be available.  You are strongly encouraged to enrol for Direct Deposit — log into your Student Center account.  Click on “Enrol in Direct Deposit” in the Finances section, and input your banking information.  It takes 3 business days from when the refund is issued for the funds to be deposited into your bank account.  Please note that refunds will not be issued until early November for opt outs.  

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