Practicum 3 – Updates for Year 2 Teacher Candidates

As you know, the placements for Practicum 3 (September 6 – October 14) will be released (by email to your Western account) towards the third week of June. You MUST email your Associate Teacher, introduce yourself and forward your Teacher Candidate Profile and Program Summary (*see below) before June 23. This is important because many teachers do not check their school email regularly once schools close for the summer months. Your Associate Teacher is expecting to hear from you before the summer. NOTE: There are a few Districts that Candidates have selected that complete placements at the Board level. These placements may not be available by the end of June. In these cases, we will email each Candidate their placement via email as soon as they are sent to us.

We recommend that you update your Profile and prepare a draft email now (with your Profile and Program Summary attached) so that your email is ready to send once you know the name/email address of your Associate Teacher.

*NEW this year*

  1. Each Practicum has its own Profile (the WORD version of the Teacher Candidate Profile for Practicum Three is available here). You must send your Practicum 3 Associate Teacher your Practicum 3 Profile.
  2. In addition to your Profile, you also will need to send your Associate Teacher your Program Summary which you will find on the same link as the Profiles. There is nothing you need to do to the summary…simply attach the PDF version of the appropriate program to your introductory email.

*Reminder* It is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed all practicum requirements for the Board that you have chosen. This includes ensuring that you have a recent (no older than 6 months) Police Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening. The list of Board requirements is available HERE.

Practicum Preparation WEBINAR

The Practicum Preparation Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, August 9th at 1:00 pm. You will receive an email from the Faculty’s IT Team giving you directions for how to connect in order to take part online.  You are also welcome to join us in person here at the Faculty in the Community Room. Please RSVP to only if you will be attending in person.

After August 9th, a copy of the Webinar will be posted on the Blog for those who are not able to join us virtually or in person on August 9th.

If you have a specific question that you would like to have addressed during the webinar, please post it in the ‘leave a comment’ section at the top of the June 2nd Blog post of this message. You will also be able to post questions online during the Webinar on August 9th.

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