Frequently asked questions during Practicum

What should Teacher Candidates do if there is a PD Day during their practicum placement?

If there is a PD Day, we request that the Associate Teacher approves what activities their Teacher Candidate should complete. This is not a ‘free’ day for Teacher Candidates. One suggestion is that Candidates take the time to work through a few of the Log Book templates that are in the Handbook. Alternatively, they could work on Curriculum activities, or assist their Associate by preparing an activity to be used another day. In consultation with their Associate Teacher, Candidates should make a plan for the day outlining a variety of activities. Once their Associate Teacher approves their plan, Teacher Candidates can complete their plan at their placement school. This will allow the Associate Teacher to complete their own tasks planned for the day.

What should Teacher Candidates do during their Associate Teacher’s prep/non-teaching time?

Prep time is for Associate Teachers! Teacher Candidates use that time to follow their class or, with permission, observe other teachers in the school. Teacher Candidates do not use this time for their own preparation of lessons.

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