Clarification Regarding EDUC 5006Q and Fridays

EDUC 5006Q: 
This is a .25 credit course called Transition to Professional Practice.  It will consists of presentations, workshops, seminars, symposia, and other events to support field experiences, practica, and specialty areas of study. These could include Ministry, College of Teachers, and Teachers’ Federation presentations, career and job preparation activities, and research, leadership and other projects.  This course will not always take the entire 6 hours in which it is scheduled (12:30-6:30); it will depend on the event which is scheduled.  Next week, we will add a page to the blog which will outline the topics/events of the Tuesdays in the fall term, including expected end times (as soon as these are confirmed).

Next Tuesday, September 8th, the afternoon is optional for instructors who wish to hold a short class to make up for the missed Monday (Labour Day).  This will happen again on Tuesday, October 13. Please note that only a few instructors wish to hold make-up classes – if you need to be here for a class the afternoon of September 8, you will receive another email on Friday, September 4th confirming your class time and location.

Fridays, during class times, are yours to use as you wish.  You may choose to come to the Faculty to use the library, meet with group members, meet with instructors, etc., but you are not required to be here. The professional development events that were held on Fridays in the former one-year program are now part of EDUC 5006Q (see above).  Please note that during practicum, you will need to be in your school Mondays through Fridays.

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