COEC Student Representative Positions

As part of the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario’s continuing efforts to support future and emerging professionals in the field of Outdoor Education, the volunteer position of Student Representative has been established at a number of colleges and universities throughout Ontario. The Student Representative will act as a liaison between COEO and the students in their program, department and/or school.  This individual will be responsible for sharing COEO related news and information, along with promoting COEO’s line-up of annual events.  Students selected to represent the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario at each respective institution will receive a complimentary Student Membership to COEO, including a subscription to the journal Pathways and special discounted rates on COEO conferences and workshops.  Through this initiative, the COEO Board of Directors aims to further meet its organizational goals by connecting with the next generation of OE professionals in Ontario.  A sub-committee of the COEO Board of Directors will consider each application submitted and then select from those, the candidate(s) to represent each institution.

Individuals interested in being considered for the one-year term of Student Representative are asked to complete the attached application, including a justification of why they feel they are particularly well suited for this role.  


Click HERE for application.

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