Additional Qualifications Courses

As you wrap up your final practicum and before heading off on your T2P experience, the AQ Department would like to remind you to consider registering for an Additional Qualifications course this summer. All Western AQ courses are completely online with no requirement to attend classes. We offer 2 sessions this summer:
• Intersession: May 19-June 24
• Summer: July 1 – 31

Think about taking a Special Education or Kindergarten course or expanding your teaching qualifications with a Primary, Junior, Intermediate or Senior ABQ course. Visit our website at to view the many courses that we offer and to REGISTER for courses. Registration is easy and we accept Amex, MC and Visa for payment.

Feel free to drop by next week when you are in the Faculty to chat with either Susanna or me in the Teacher Education office to discuss the best course(s) for you. Or email with questions.

Best of luck to all of you as you complete your Teacher Education at Western.
Claire Organ

Manager, Continuing Teacher Education
Faculty of Education, Western University
1137 Western Rd. London ON N6G 1G7
(519)661-2111 x.88649

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