Reminders & Updates

Enroute to Your Profession Conference (April 27 & 28): The final schedule is being confirmed and will be posted soon.  The Conference will include workshops and a PIN ceremony where you will receive your OCT PIN. Please plan to be here both days from 9-3. Attendance is expected.

OCT Registration: Be sure to begin your OCT registration NOW.  Remember that you  must be certified by September 1, 2015 to qualify for certification under the current criteria. The certification process does take some time; you cannot leave this until the summer.  Transcripts for OCT: Be sure to request that your B.Ed./Dip.Ed. transcript be sent after degree conferral.

Apply to Graduate: If you have not already done so, be sure to apply to graduate before April 30.  You must apply to graduate to receive your degree, even if you do not plan to attend convocation.

Final Grades: Final grades will be available via the Student Centre in mid-May.

T2P Final Report: T2P comprises part of Practicum. Your T2P Report must be submitted immediately following completion of T2P (on May 15) so that your practicum grade can be finalized. The report is available here on the blog under the T2P link ( Your report may be submitted by email to if you are not planning to be at the Faculty for the T2P Showcase Day on May 15.

Showcase Day (May 15): Showcase Day is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your peers following T2P. If you wish to “showcase” your T2P experience (via a poster or other presentation), please contact Christine at

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