Social & Emotional Learning in the Classroom – Friday, March 6 (12:30-2:30)

Joey Mandel, an Ontario Certified teacher, runs a private educational consulting and therapy practice, go Social kids. She offers parent coaching to help parents build social-emotional skills at home and teaches sibling strategies to increase positive relationships.  As the recipient of an Autism Speaks grant, Joey speaks at various Faculties of Education and Board workshops to promote positive teaching strategies and stress reduction in the classroom.    She is the author of several books; Moment to Moment:  A positive approach to behavior; Stop The Stress In School; and Anxiety.

In this workshop Joey explains social-emotional skill challenges that some students face and offers concrete examples which explain the impact these lagging skills can have on a child’s behaviour.  Movement, language, social, emotional and cognitive skills are discussed and simple skill building activities are demonstrated.

A teacher candidate from a recent presentation commented that “the lecture today was phenomenal and it was by far one of the most practical, relevant and interesting lectures we have had to date.”

Registration is available at LIMITED SPACE IS AVAILABLE for interested teacher candidates; attendance at this workshop is not mandatory.

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