OSSTF Certification Presentation — New Date!

The Ontario Second School Teachers’ Federation has had to reschedule their certification presentation. They will now be here at the Faculty on February 24, 2015 and will do two presentations, at 12:30 and 1:30 pm (room TBA). If you intend to teach in a Public Secondary school the OSSTF will be presening information regarding their evaluation system for salary purposes, please note the following information.

OSSTF Certification Presentation – February 24, 2015

A preliminary assessment of teacher candidate credentials is available. Attendance is a must to receive and complete the application process. In preparation for this presentation we encourage all teacher candidates to bring the required documents described below. If documents are not submitted or not available on the presentation date, you have until August 31, 2015 to forward them to the Certification Department.


Academic and Technological Students with degree(s) from North America:

  • Official, original transcript of degree(s). Photocopies are not acceptable. BEd degrees are not required.
  • If courses within the degree(s) were completed at another institution, official transcripts of these courses are also required.
  • CEGEP (official transcript)

Academic and Technological Students with Overseas/International degree(s):

  • Original, official transcripts, diplomas, translations and legible photocopies of these documents.
  • General Certificate of Education A-levels (official transcript)

Students enrolled in the Technological Education Program who do not hold a degree:

  • Original and legible photocopies of Trade Certificates of Apprenticeship and Trade Certificates of Qualification, 8.5 x 11 certificate, (if applicable).
  • Official transcript(s) of Grade 13/OAC’s/Grade 12 U/M (if applicable).
  • Official transcript of college diploma(s) and university courses (if applicable).

NOTE: Technological students with 2 or 3 year college diplomas need to submit official transcript(s) of the diplomas only.

NOTE: Technological students with degree(s) need to submit an official transcript of the degree(s) only.

The presenter will: Provide an overview of the Certification Regulations

-Guide teacher candidates through the application process
-Distribute applications for a Letter of Assessment
-Authenticate photocopies of International transcripts
-Collect completed applications and required documentation

Application forms will be limited to ONE form per person. The form will include an embossed OSSTF/FEESO seal which cannot be duplicated. If you do not attend the OSSTF/FEESO presentation, you will not receive an application form. The application form is not posted on the OSSTF/FEESO web site.

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