Attention Biology & General Science Teacher Candidates!

On Saturday December 6th, there will be a demonstration geared towards any Biology and General Science teacher candidates; although all teacher candidates are welcome. The event will take place at 2pm at Catholic Central High School (accessible on the 2, 7 and 20 bus routes).

Please RSVP to the google form provided:

John Maclellan (a teacher there who’s won the Prime Minister’s Teaching Award for Excellence) has developed what he calls VIRTmac (the Visual Interactive Revolutionary Tactile Magnetic Classroom). VIRTmac is a unique and effective method for teaching biology, and it’s something you truly need to see to believe. His model is on the basis of Science but the technique could be applied to any subject.

John’s class is covered in sheet metal and he literally builds the course around the students as the course progresses. It provides an amazing visual and the students love it. John Maclellan and Denise Web from CCH will be there to demonstrate VIRTmac at this informal, informational session.

Check out this link for some photos and videos:

science classroom

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