Education Students’ Council

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Teacher Candidates!

Want to have a fun-tastic year? Want to serve your student body? Then run for an Education Students’ Council (ESC) Executive position or apply for a Chairperson position!

Starting Tuesday September 2nd @ 8:00am you can submit your nominations and start canvassing! Use this time now to think of WHY you want a position on council. Now is the time to plan out your campaign!

Please see the three attachments:

1) The ESC Elections Poster

2) The ESC Executive Elections nomination form, the calendar, and the by-laws that regulate elections (breaking the by-laws could result in a disqualification as decided by the Ad-Hoc Elections Committee) (available here)

3) The ESC Committee Chair application form, the calendar, and the by-laws outline the positions (The newly elected ESC Executives will decide on the Chairperson positions based on the applicants with the best fit)

Please email Mark Henshaw if you have any questions about the ESC Executive Elections or the Committee Chair applications.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Join the ESC Facebook Group Today:

Follow the ESC Twitter Handle: @westernuesc

Join the Faculty of Ed’s GSA:

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