Showcase Day – Scheduled events

Teacher Candidates – We hope you will join us for Showcase Day – a time to meet with your classmates, view T2P displays, check out the activities, come to one last assembly, and have some pizza. Please rvsp to let us know you are coming.

See you on Friday!

Showcase Day Finale – May 16th

(Drop by room 1154 between 9:00-10:30 or 12:00-2:00 to pick up assignments.)

8:15 -9:00 – Set-up  (presenters, displays etc)

9:00 – 10:30 – Showcase Day activities begin!

  • View the T2P displays in the foyer, halls and Community Room
  • Have your picture taken at the Photo Booth with Jake Donis and some of the Tech Ed class
  • Boot, Scootin’ Boogie – Join the line dancing with Alyssa Blakey in the gym
  • Bring your resume for a 5 minute “Resume check-up” with Catherine Lopes and Chrisy Wadley
  • Learn a few steps of Flamenco Dancing on the stage with Cinta Hernandez Sebastia
  • Drop by the Art Room to see the I & S Art students working with the English Language students
  • Incoming Teacher Candidates – meet with Jennie Howard for a Q & A session about next year

10:30 -12:00  – Final Assembly – Auditorium

Master of Ceremonies – Mark Henshaw

  • 3 Balkan Songs – Marcel Radu, Flugelhorn
  • Flamenco Dancers – Cinta HernandezSebastia, Nandita Biswas-Mellamphy and Christy Ramos
  • Student Council – Year in Review
  • Jigs and Reels – Benson Brown, Fiddle
  • T2P Trip Presentations
  • Sandu – Marcel Radu, Trumpet

12:15 – Free Pizza Lunch for all

1:30 – Send-off (TBA)

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