Teacher Candidates – We hope you will join us for Showcase Day – a time to meet with your classmates, view T2P displays, check out the activities, come to one last assembly, and have some pizza. Please rvsp  eduwo@uwo.ca to let us know you are coming.

See you on Friday!

Showcase Day Finale – May 16th

(Drop by room 1154 between 9:00-10:30 or 12:00-2:00 to pick up assignments.)

8:15 -9:00 – Set-up  (presenters, displays etc)

9:00 – 10:30 – Showcase Day activities begin!

  • View the T2P displays in the foyer, halls and Community Room
  • Have your picture taken at the Photo Booth with Jake Donis and some of the Tech Ed class
  • Boot, Scootin’ Boogie – Join the line dancing with Alyssa Blakey in the gym
  • Bring your resume for a 5 minute “Resume check-up” with Catherine Lopes and Chrisy Wadley
  • Learn a few steps of Flamenco Dancing on the stage with Cinta Hernandez Sebastia
  • Drop by the Art Room to see the I & S Art students working with the English Language students
  • Incoming Teacher Candidates – meet with Jennie Howard for a Q & A session about next year

10:30 -12:00  – Final Assembly – Auditorium

Master of Ceremonies – Mark Henshaw

  • 3 Balkan Songs – Marcel Radu, Flugelhorn
  • Flamenco Dancers – Cinta HernandezSebastia, Nandita Biswas-Mellamphy and Christy Ramos
  • Student Council – Year in Review
  • Jigs and Reels – Benson Brown, Fiddle
  • T2P Trip Presentations
  • Sandu – Marcel Radu, Trumpet

12:15 – Free Pizza Lunch for all

1:30 – Send-off (TBA)