Next Steps

Final Grades
Final Grades are available in the Student Center ( under Academics > My Academics > View My Grades > Posted Grades. (Be sure that Fall/Winter 2013 is the term showing in the “Select Term” window.)

At the end of your T2P you are required to submit a final reflection form (T2P Final Report). This form must be signed and dated by your T2P supervisor and returned to the Teacher Education Office (by fax/email is fine) by May 16. You are not eligible to receive your degree/diploma or your OCT certification until this form has been received in the Teacher Education Office.

OCT Registration
It is advised that you register now with the Ontario College of Teachers, even if you do not plan to teach in Ontario this year. As of September 1, 2015, the one-year B.Ed. program you are completing now will not meet the requirements for obtaining an Ontario Teaching Certificate.

The Faculty Report that is required as part of your certification will be sent automatically by the Teacher Education Office once your program (including T2P) is complete.

Your B.Ed./Dip.Ed. transcript is not sent automatically. You may order it now but be sure to request that it be held for degree conferral (degrees are conferred at convocation on June 13) – the OCT will not accept a B.Ed./Dip.Ed. transcript received now. (Transcripts are most easily ordered via the OUAC transcript link on the OCT’s How to Apply page at

Please note that your OCT certification cannot be finalized until your program is completed and your degree/diploma conferred. If you have already been placed on an Occasional Teaching list, be aware that you cannot begin teaching until you are OCT certified.

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