Practice Interview Questions and Resources

Looking for practice interview questions or awesome resources to help prepare you for next practicum and job searching? The Professional Liaison Committee is here to help!

Check out this Google Doc for a list of questions to practice with for any upcoming interviews! Please add on any other questions at the bottom of the document.

The Professional Liaison Committee is also compiling a list of free and paid websites, programs, apps, ideas, facebook pages, and other resources for teachers. We’d like to have it ready to distribute well before practicum placement so that anyone who wants to play around with different programs has the opportunity to do so before they begin planning away for practicum.

ClassFlow (
Nobel Prize (
Apply to Education (

Resources will be organized according to grade level and subject for your convenience!

Please email by Friday, February 28 with your resource and include:

– URL / web address
– one sentence description
– info on pricing (i.e., free, free trial, or pay)
– if the resource is grade level and/or subject specific OR usable for all grades and subjects

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