Student-Facilitated Workshops – this Friday!

Jan. 24Student-Facilitated Workshops

Support your classmates and learn about the many areas of expertise offered by Teacher Candidates, and Graduate Students.

Registration is required. Please make note of the room numbers of your workshop choices and arrive early as attendance will be taken at the door of each workshop. 

9:00 – 10:15 Session A Workshops

10:30 – 11:45 Session B Workshops

Workshops include:

  1. Resources for Building your Classroom Library
  2. “Reading in French is boring! (Grade 4 student, Victoria, BC)”  – Selecting books in French to promote reading for pleasure.
  3. Gender, Sexuality, Curriculum, and the Young Child
  4. Using Drama as an Educational Tool in Any Classroom!
  5. Educating against Islamophobia
  6. Peer Support Skills by YouthLine
  7. Assessing Digital Literacies”
  8. SPF 50  Just Isn’t Enough: Protecting Against Teacher Burnout ,Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma
  9. Introduction to Jujitsu (offered twice)
  10. Introduction to Smartboard Software (offered twice)
  11. Educational Publishing: an Alternate B.Ed. Career Path
  12. Taboo Topics: Mental Health Literacy in your classroom
  13. An Earful! (Helpful tips & tricks from music teachers!)
  14.  disABILITY Awareness: an interactive experience into the lives of students with special needs
  15. Fostering Relations to Create an Inclusive and Engaging Classroom Environment – please note – this workshop will be held in the cafeteria
  16. Unraveling Youth: The Brain, Desensitization and Sleep
  17. Dialogue about Dialogics: Students Teaching Students for Empathy and Humanization
  18. Strategies to increase student participation
  19. Early Years Creative Writing Workshop

12:30-2:00 – Teachermaking Video Presentation: Teachermaking is a video research project about the process of becoming a teacher today. It shows the highs and lows of the teacher education process in a way that will validate, support, and even inspire today’s teacher candidates. It was filmed at an unnamed (though well known to today’s teacher candidates) Faculty of Education in Southwestern Ontario. In a documentary format it follows 12 teacher candidates from their first day in the programme to their last – as they take part in classes, discuss the programme amongst themselves, go out to schools on practica, and grow as teachers.
The presentation will begin with an introduction by the professor who made the video. The audience will decide if they wish to see the entire video or selected components.

12:30  -2:30  – Lip Dub : Join the Drama Curriculum students in the Community Room to create Western’s “2014 Faculty of Education Lip Dub”. All participants will be provided with online resources which will be useful in creating a Lip Dub in your future classrooms. Maximum of 80 participants. Certificates will be provided for all who attend. Sign sheets are available in the Teacher Education office now!

1:00 -3:00 – Marking session :  Mock Literacy Tests  – available for 40 interested Teacher Candidates who will work with TVDSB teachers . A brief tutorial about scoring will be provided, and Teacher Candidates will have opportunity to mark short and long answer questions. Relevant data will be provided to assist in student success.  (Preregistration required for these sessions, and a letter of recognition from TVDSB  will be provided for all participants.)

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