Opportunities in International Education

Opportunities in International Education  – Dr. Paul Sheppard

Thursday Jan. 16th at 6:30 pm 

Are you someone who enjoys travel? Even more so, traveling while someone else is paying for it? Add to this, all the while gaining invaluable full time teaching experience in an accredited school! If this is of interest, consider international education! Today there are 7,000 international schools, literally around the world, employing over 325,000 teachers! This number is expected to double in the next 10 years!

Dr. Paul Sheppard, a Canadian superintendent, has spent nearly the last 20 years as a Superintendent for international school divisions around the world. He will share with you invaluable information about the opportunities that abound to teachers, both newly qualified as well as those with experience. He will also be interviewing for openings at his school division, in Kuwait.”

Note: Dr. Sheppard is seeking 15 Teachers for  positions at the Al Bayan Bilingual School in Kuwait. Please see more details in the the posting under Employment Opportunities (on this blog). If interested, submit your documents directly to Dr. Sheppard so that he can make decisions about interviews which will be held this Friday Jan. 17th.

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