Thank you – Professional Friday Jan. 10th

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to “Get Career Expo” ready today!

  • Stacey (Giovanna) and Clinton (Mark) & Co. – models, stylists, tech support,  etc.
  • Our “make overs” – Dr. Margaret McNay and Adam Hill for being great sports!
  • Christy Wadley for her tips on the “Elevator Pitch”
  • Giovanna Vona for her positive information about LinkedIn
  • Cathy Renfrew from OSSTF for the timely resume information
  • Polly Stringle and Betsy Reilly for the Portfolio Workshop
  • The Resume Repair team – Patrick Crewdson, Victoria Iceton, Lamija Makic, Dale Paolucci, Chrisy Wadley, Margaret Agbalizu, Christine Knight-Smith, Catherine Lopes, Kristen Nykanen, Phil Myers, Amani Elrofaie, Annel Janmohammad
  • The entire staff of the Teacher Education office – who make it happen!

How’s your Resume after today?

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