Auditions and Sign-Up for Althouse Production

The Theatre Production class invites everyone and anyone to come sign-up and audition for this year’s school plays! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! All types of roles and helpers wanted!

AUDITIONS are taking place Wednesday and Thursday, November 20th-21st from 6:30-9:00pm in the Auditorium. Casts are huge and auditions consist of a cold read (reading a scene from the play), so they will be easy and fun for anyone who might be interested in performing!

 Sign-Up sheets are posted on the auditorium doors and space is limited, so make sure you get your name for what time you can do BEFORE the audition dates!

 SIGN-UP!  We are also looking for people to help out with music, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, set building, design, props, stage management, and any other roles we can fit you into! So if you have any skills concerning construction, visual arts, music, sewing, even gluing and taking measurements – we want you involved!

We encourage all who come out for auditions to also sign up for a role as crew (helper) so we can get as many people helping create the show as possible!

 The production consists of two hilariously playful one-act plays that explore the overriding theme of students dealing with the angst of school, involving: immigration, bullying, writing tests, stereotypes, prejudices, working towards acceptance and so much more!

The titles: This is a Test and New Canadian Kid.

If you are remotely interested in taking part in any role concerning this production, we strongly encourage you to sign-up whether you have no experience whatsoever, or a life time’s worth!

Let’s make this an all-inclusive event by having everyone from all departments involved in this school production!


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