10 More Days & FAQs

Hello Teacher Candidates

We are busy preparing for your arrival.  We are hearing from many of you – and so I thought I would post a few of your latest FAQs:

  1. Is Orientation session mandatory?  Yes!

2. Are we required to be at all Professional Fridays and workshop events?  Yes, these are carefully designed to enhance your classroom and practicum experiences. Don’t miss them!

3. Will I be able to park for free on Orientation Day? Yes, on August 29th the gate to the parking lot will be open. However, you are responsible to arrange for parking.http://www.uwo.ca/parking/permit.html

4. Can I choose my own practicum placement or Associate Teacher? No, all Practicum Placements are set up through collaboration between the  Teacher Education Office,  the Faculty Advisory team and the schools.

5. What do I do if I don’t have my Police Record Check before Practicum?  We will NOT place you in Practicum. This is a requirement from the schools, and almost all organizations where people work with children.

 6. I am hoping to do some coaching (in fact, I already am coaching). What do I do? It is important that you contact Susan Graham, sgraha3@uwo.ca  to discuss this BEFORE any promises are made or the practicum groups are established.

7. I have  quite a few years of experience doing/working in______________. Would there be an opportunity for me to do a short workshop for interested Teacher Candidates? Absolutely. Please speak to Susan Graham in the Teacher Education office about your ideas. 

 8. I am confused about T2P. What is it?  Don’t worry – there will be much more information coming about T2P. However, if you have specific questions, please contact Susan Graham.

 9.How do I contact the Teacher Education (formerly Preservice Office)? You are welcome to email  eduwo@uwo.ca or phone: 519-661-2093

We look forward to seeing you in 10 days!

The Teacher Education office

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