Welcome to theteachercandidate.com

My name is Anna Zuber, Preservice Manager at the Faculty of Education. You’ll already have been receiving email from me related to your upcoming year here, as it’s my job to ensure that all runs smoothly related to your registration, course selection, program completion, and graduation. I’ve been here at the Faculty in various roles for more than 20 years, and there is very little I can’t help you with!

Susan Graham will also become a familiar name to you for the coming year. She is our Manager of Field Experiences and as such oversees practice teaching, T2P, and our Professional Development Days .

We both look forward to meeting you and to a fantastic year together!


We will be using this blog to provide information during the summer as well as during the year. We do this to provide as much information as possible without overwhelming your email quota!


We do ask that you check your Western email on a regular basis as this is our primary means of communicating with you. Beginning June 1st, we will begin using your Western email only for communication. We recommend that you forward your Western email to your regular email account (gmail / hotmail etc.) You can find directions on how to do so here.

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