Volunteer Opportunity

WHAT: Elementary Math Fair

WHERE: Northdale Central P.S., Dorchester

WHEN: Tuesday, March 1 . . .  4:30 – 7:00

DETAILS: Volunteers will host a room or station in which you design and deliver a short, fun, math tool (e.g., fun game with dominos, tangrams, dice, cards, measuring tape, paper cups etc.).   Students and their parents will wander room to room for a couple of minutes with their gift bag full of the math tools. Volunteers will interact with them to teach them something ‘cool’ found in the Ontario Math Curriculum but mostly showing the parents how to do some fun math ‘stuff’ with their child at home.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Principal Catherine Zeisner (519-452-2000 ext 48711)

ESC Elections

Interested in being a part of the Education Student Council? Elections are coming up and the following positions are available:

  1. ​President
  2. Vice-President Academic Affairs
  3. Vice-President Finance
  4. USC Liaison

The election’s committee will be accepting nomination forms starting at 830 AM on Monday the 1st of February in the box outside the downstairs Students’ Council room. The deadline to submit the form is the next day at 1130 AM on Tuesday the 2nd of February.

The All-Candidates Meeting will take place after the FNMI workshop in the upstairs council office room (this is mandatory for all candidates running for elections).

Campaigning will begin from Wednesday the 3rd to Sunday the 7th .

Thank You,
Election’s Committee


ESC Annual General Meeting – January 26

On 26th of January 2016, immediately following the Alternative Field Experiences information session, there will be the Annual General Meeting held by the Education Students’ Council. The purpose of this meeting is to vote on proposed amendments to the constitutions and bylaws presented by council members or the student body. The meeting is MANDATORY as the constitution states a two-thirds quorum is needed to pass any new amendments. The constitution is attached for anyone to read through and propose any amendments they deem necessary. The faculty report from last year is also attached for anyone to get more information of the bylaws.

Thank you.

Education Students’ Council 2015-16



Career Expo January 12 and 19

Teacher Candidates,

On Tuesday January 12 and 19, Westerns’ Faculty of Education will be hosting Boards and International Recruiters at our annual Career Expo.  The Expo will be held in the gym from 1:00-4:00 pm.  Attached is a list of attendees and information on Preparing for the Career Expo. We strongly encourage you to participate to begin making important career connections!

Career Expo 2016

Preparing for Career Expo 2016

Teacher Education Office

~ Optional~ Marking Session for Mock Secondary Literacy Tests

~ Optional~ Marking Session for Mock Secondary Literacy Tests 

Friday, February 12th 2015 … 9:00 -11:00 here at the Faculty

  • Available for 40 interested Teacher Candidates who will work with TVDSB Secondary Teachers
  • A brief tutorial about assessing and scoring will be provided, and Teacher Candidates will have the opportunity to mark short and long answer questions
  • A letter of recognition from Thames Valley District School Board will be provided for all participants

Register early for this event ~40 seats only~

SIGN UP in the Teacher Education Office


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